The Hellenic Association for Pain Control and Palliative Care was founded in 1997 and is a Collective member of the European Association of Palliative Care (EAPC). The Association's objective is to raise awareness and provide training of health professionals in palliative care and  palliative regimen of patients suffering from chronic diseases in advanced stages, such as cancer, AIDS, etc. and the mental disorders resulting from them, as well as to promote the development of activities (programs, structures and services), with a view to alleviate and improve their quality of life. The association also aims through its acts and events to raise awareness of the community for the need to implement palliative care nationwide.

To serve its purpose, the HELLENIC ASSOCIATION FOR PAIN CONTROL AND PALLIATIVE CARE particularly aims :

a) to promote communication between scientists of different disciplines and persons with specialized knowledge who are interested in achieving the Association’ s objectives

b) to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and developments in the treatment of these patients scientifically and socially.

c)to the organization of scientific events, such as lectures, scientific meetings, conferences Greek or international and the publication of articles and studies on topics located within the subject matter of the Association,

d)to the Company's cooperation with other Greek or foreign organizations with the same or similar  scientific interest,

e) to the involvement of the association in international organizations with the same or similar  scientific interest .

f)to the  cooperation with other organizations with the same or similar interest to promote the establishment and functioning of palliative care structures and services.

 Regular members who may be enrolled in HELLENIC ASSOCIATION FOR PAIN CONTROL AND PALLIATIVE CARE are doctors, graduates of medical schools of Greek or foreign Universities, nurses, social workers, psychologists who have a scientific or professional relationship with the purpose of the Association and are interested in promoting the Association's scope. As reeve members, can enrol any individual that is interested in promoting the Association’s scope eg students or individuals regardless of education/ training.

The Board

On 10.31.2014 elections were conducted for the new Board of the HELLENIC ASSOCIATION FOR PAIN CONTROL AND PALLIATIVE CARE. The Board will be in service for 5 years and consists of:

  PRESIDENT: Mystakidou K.

  VICE: Kouloulias B.

  GENERAL SECRETARY: Polykandriotis T.



  MEMBERS: Galanopoulou A, Zygogianni A.

  Alternates: Kefala P, Liva E.

The Association, in cooperation with other relevant scientific societies organises seminars / scientific meetings for health workers (doctors, nurses, psychologists) and human science professions at regular intervals.

Anybody wishing to join can contact us on tel: 2107707669 and fax: 2107776617