Visiting the Palliative Care Unit "Jenny Karezi ”

In order for a patient to be regularly monitored and treated by our specialised palliative care staff, a simple, direct and non-time consuming at all procedure should be followed. After arranging the first appointment, the patient should come to our premises with a thorough medical history that includes medical reports –diagnosis, diagnostic tests results and a recent blood test analysis.

During the first appointment, a detailed recording the patient’s medical history will precede the clinical examination by our qualified medical and nursing staff, which will decide for the proposed treatment that aims to the total relief of physical symptoms. Furthermore, if necessary psychological support to the patient and his family is provided by our phycologists. Regularly scheduled appointments with the Palliative Care Unit "Jenny Karezi” staff, ensure the continuity of the treatment, assure the best possible rendering of palliative care services and the relief of physical and psychological symptoms of the disease.

On the first floor of our premises the outpatient clinic is located, on the second floor patients can be facilitated in our one day clinic and on the fourth floor of the seminars room is situated.

 The Palliative Care Unit "Jenny Karezi ”is open Monday to Friday from 8.00 am-3.30 pm. All medical and psychological services are free while the medicines the patients need are provided through their Insurance Funds. To contact us so as to arrange an appointment call 210 7707669.